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Tuesday, April 23, 2013

The Missing Camera.

I have been devestatingly disappointed in humanity the past week.
I need to first state my worries and trouble are nothing compared to those in Boston or West Texas,
and that I am blessed for.
My heart goes out to all the families!
I just wanted to let you know there will not be many pretty little pictures on my blog for about a week or more.
Why, you make ask?
I had a series of unfortunate events on ebay.
Here's what happened in a nut shell.
1. Girl saves for camera.
..saves and saves..
2. Girl searches for camera...
             ..searches and searches...
3. She finally decides on camera.
4. Girl then researches seller.
5. Seller seems trustworthy.
6. Girl purchases camera.
7. Girl sends money on its way.
8. Girl waits for camera..
...waits and waits..
9. Girl emails guy about camera not arriving.
10. Girl waits for reply.
...waits and waits..
11. Girl wonders why boy does not reply.
12. Girl opens case.
13. Seller finally responds.
14. Seller lies and says no payment was sent.
15. Girl is shocked..
...and disappointed in him.
16. Girl tells ebay payment was sent and sends proof.
17. Ebay decides the case in Seller's favor.
18. Girl is shocked again.
19. Girl calls Ebay.
..long story short I was happily refunded my money.
Happy ending, right?
Ope, forgot..
Girl is still without camera.
So lesson learned.
This advice I leave you with...
Don't buy anything over $100 on ebay, unless you are a-ok with losing it!
It is very scary. 
Trust me.
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  1. that is scary! so sorry you had that experience. I hope you chose to review him so that other buys will be well informed.

    1. I did! He relished it too, I pray no one else gets taken too.