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Wednesday, November 21, 2012

ABC's of What I am Thankful For..


Let me just make something clear...There are not enough letters in the alphabet to describe what I am thankful for, but here are 26.
Thank you God for...

A. Answers...thank You for the manual to life, the Bible, for it holds all the answers.
B. Beauty...what You give to all your creation.
C. Choice....You graciously give us the right to choose to be yours.
D. Dads....(earthly) for the blessing of having one and for the father you are to me, God.
E. Equality.....blessed to have been born into a country where women have the same rights as men.
F. Forever.....the time I get to be with you God, in this life and the next.
G. me time with them. Their unconditional love and wisdom is a gift.
H. Health...grateful for two hands, two feet and a healthy heart.
I. Insight....on truly understanding the Gospel and how it affects me.
J. Job....extremely blessed to have this in these hard times.
K. Kin.....those crazy people I call family, and the huge place they have in my heart.
L. Lambs.......a beautiful symbol of who we are, and who You are, God, our Shepherd.
M. Mothers.....for mine, who is a rock and my support in the hard times.
N. Nothing......thank you God, for NOT giving me this.
O. Omnipotent...grateful for your unlimited ability to do all things.
P. know that regardless of where I am, You are always with me.
Q. Quest...thank you for this beautiful Journey You have sent me on.
R. Rest...what you give to my soul, a comfort, because I know You are there.
S. Sacrifice....without Your Son's, I would be hopeless.
T. Trials..Yes, trials. I am thankful in these, for the opportunity to grow and know You more.
U. Universe...thank You for being so much bigger than this.
V. Victory...grateful to have this over Satan.
W. Warmth...the sensation You give my heart.
X. X-istence (Sorry, I cheated on this letter)...Existence, what You gave me.
Y. Years..for the life and memories You continue to give me.
Z. Zealous...the feeling You give me. An eagerness and enthusiasm for Your Love.

1 Chronicles 29:13
Now, our God, we give you thanks, and praise your glorious name.

"10,000 Reasons" Matt Redman


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