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Monday, January 28, 2013

Notes In The Sand

I am training for a marathon, that will take place at the end of February. I have been slacking in all areas of my life, including this blog.... because running, well... it plum wears you out!
Still, I have to find a healthy balance.
Running is a passion of mine. And it also has become an outlet. It is a time to release all my worries through the pounding of my feet on the old country roads.

My mom, one of the most beautiful women in my life, is the reason I am hooked on running...
She is my inspiration.
This is my first big race without her. Which makes it bittersweet.
Excited for this challenge, but wanting so very much to share it with her!
However, she has been included by being my encourager.
Yesterday my cousin (who is running the marathon with me) and I went for our long run.
My mother while leaving us fuel (oranges and water), down one of our running paths, left us this note in the sand for us to stumble upon....
(I will run and not grow weary...Isaiah 40:31)
And this one....

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

You Have A Choice (The 5th Card)

I was going to post something different today, but this was sent to me this morning.
It is too inspirational not to share immediately.
you will be astonished by this incredible human being.
I, myself, wonder sometimes why I have been dealt certain cards...a few years ago I let it burden me almost every day.

Thursday, January 3, 2013

Little Women

It was a white Christmas, one of those days to sit by the warm fire and dive into a book. But I decided to watch a movie instead...a nostalgic one, bringing back memories of my childhood.
Little women.
If you have never seen Little Women, (I prefer the Wynona Ryder version) it captures the lives of four sisters from childhood to womanhood. Like young girls do, their girlish selves long to be women one day, married, perhaps with careers or possessing great wealth. Time finds them, ten years later. And with that time, comes change. No longer shall they sit by the window of their playroom dreaming of what will become.Women they have became. I always relate to Jo March, the second oldest. Now Jo, the independent sister, ready to take on the world, finds herself longing and yearning for the days where their child ways belonged.
"Why should we marry at all? Why can't things just stay as they are?".

I find myself being taken over by The Peter Pan Syndrome, wanting things to stay as they were when I was a young girl. Playing on the beach with my mom, six years old, staring off into the blue ocean , without a care...