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Wednesday, April 3, 2013

My Life according to Instagram

A little of my life, according to instagram.
The majority of the pictures are two precious gems in my life, my nieces!
I just cannot get over these cuties!
I must share their sweet faces with the blogosphere!
What a diva.

Our morning ritual, waffles for breakfast.

Like her auntie, she loves some chocolate ice cream!
I rub my belly too.

Miss Aubrey Bell gets her blue eyes from that gorgeous East Texas sky.

My beautiful older sister and me on Easter.
There I am barefooted, as usual.

Sweet Aubrey at her first birthday party, that tutu is bigger than her! Haha.

'Let them eat cake!'
Every one year old deserves a birthday like this.

When we are in the mood Auntie Aeron gets to do her hair.

My first marathon with these beautiful ladies, my baby sis and wonderful madre!
Instagram: @aeronelizabeth


  1. i love your instagram pics! aubrey in her tutu- so precious. my niece is going to turn 1 in july and i'm definitely gonna make sure she has her cutesy little tutu too!

    1. Thank you, Terry! Tutus are the best!

  2. Very cute pictures! :)
    That baby birthday cake looks DELICIOUS!