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Friday, May 17, 2013

So Much To Do, So Little Time.

I thought I would end this week with a few fun Friday facts (say that five times fast!).
There is an endless list of things I would love to do,
but these are my top...not in any particular order.

I have never ice skated!..and want to. Seems a logical thing to go do in May, yes?

Along the same line, I want to snow ski. Nope never have... even though I'm sure I would not be the most graceful person to ever hit the slopes.

I've never ate sushi and want to try it, just once. But I don't even like catfish..
East Tx probably disowns me for this.

I know have mentioned this before, but I really want to visit the Holy Lands...
everyone keeps telling me it will not happen in my lifetime, "too dangerous", but trust me, 
it's happening.

I want and will meet George W. Bush before I die...or before he dies, I should say.
He seems like a down to earth guy that I could have a glass of sweet tea with on my front porch.
And plus he was President, which is pretty cool.

I want to go skydiving...I've flown a plane, but never jumped out of one!

I want to see a huge waterfall and swim beneath it. Can you imagine how magical that would be?

I want to do a triathlon ..a completely different ball game from running marathons, but it just seems like the next best thing.

I want to take off a whole week and spend it out in nature. I don't care where, the beach, the mountains, where ever. Just as long as there is no cell service or technology whatsoever.
I'll most likely have to do that with someone, for safety reasons of course.
Any takers?

I want to go to Italy and jump into one of their fountains. Random? 
I don't even care if I get in trouble.
I've seen so many people do it and it just seems like an intriguing and fun thing to do, right?

So there is just a few snip-its of the things I plan on accomplishing sooner rather than later.

A big thanks to all the sweet comments I've received in emails this week!
I hope y'all have an incredibly beautiful weekend!

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