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Wednesday, May 15, 2013

I Spread My Wings and Flew

"One day she decided to stop letting fear hold her back,
and chose to live bravely, from then on,
She flew."

I climbed in the little Cessna.
This was it,
the moment I was waiting for.
I steered the little single engine plane onto the runway.
I could not hear anything but my thoughts over the roaring engine.
I went over the checklist with the instructor.
...t-minus, 30 seconds until I would experience a feeling you only get once,
flying for the first time.
We started rolling down the runway,  I increased the throttle,
I pulled back on the yoke, easily,
I let the air take us from under the plane,
and before I knew it I was one with the skies.

I had a bird's eye view of the city.
It was the same place I had grown up in,
but never experienced from the air.
It was a completely different world.
I caught myself thinking while I was flying, "Wow,
I'm really flying a plane!".."this is crazy!"

Up in the air, I came across a few things....
1. Flying isn't as hard as people might think.
2. There's no traffic.
3. Flying opened up a new chamber in my heart..
containing courage.
And if I ever come across anything the rest of my life, that I'm not sure I can do,
I will remember that day,
the day I flew..
and since He gave me the courage once, it will surely be there again.

If you would have told me when I was 16, "you are going to fly one day",
I would have laughed.
I didn't think it remotely possible.
I'm not the same girl I was then.
I have come to realized the incredible courage that God has bestowed in me,
in us all!
It is only because of Him that I finally spread my wings and flew.
I give Him the thanks.

So I encourage you to go after your dreams..
..."Until you spread your wings, you never know how far you'll fly!"

Perhaps there will be a day, we will all fly away...

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