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Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Rainbows and Faith.

The one thing I can say that I love more than the rain, the rainbow that usually follows...
A comforting promise from God.
My niece, who some of you have probably come to know through this blog, is pretty smart.
Emma took me outside Sunday afternoon and asked to turn on the hose.
I preceded with caution, standing a good ways behind her aim of fire.
As the water sprayed she informed me she was going to make a rainbow.
I had little faith and laughed, 'okay'.
To my amazement, that little cutie did it!
What was even better? Her telling me how she did it..
"Auntie Aeron, all you need is a little bit of sun, a little bit of shade, and water!"
I could not believe she created such a collection of beautiful colors.
What a lack of faith I had!
Let us just say,
if I was Peter, I would have fallen too if Jesus asked me to walk on water.
So, the lesson is simple, have more faith..
Because God's promises are glorious to behold, just like a rainbow.

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  1. Found you via the blog hop over at Glam Hungry Mom. Good stuff! I feel like Peter a lot myself :)
    If you are interested would love for you to check out my "30 Days of Intention" starting June 1st. Just a little project about being intentional each day and really seeking what the Lord has for you.

    1. I will, Hannah! Thank you for your kind words!