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Wednesday, May 8, 2013

God Loves You-From Jayden

Sunday was one of the best days for me. My heart was so full, I thought it might burst with overflowing joy.
Our church had a 'connect-reconnect' Sunday, where we had fellow Christians from other church buildings join us for service and worship.
Each 'church' (I use quotes because really we are all apart of ONE church family, we just happen to attend service at different buildings), but each church played a part in the service.
It was incredible to see that even though we have different ways of worship, it is really all the same.
We are all there to worship.
We are all a part of the body.
We all have the most important thing in common,
A Love for God.

At one point in the service, 
a member from the Hispanic church led one of my favorite songs, 
"How Great Thou Art" in Spanish
I did my very best to sing along, almost laughing at myself and my 
'spanish-singing' abilities.
But there is something about singing a song to God in a different language.
I hope you all get to experience it.
I also had a provoking thought..
It was okay that I was off tune, very off, and could not pronounce each syllable, 
I knew what the words meant.

For once I truly understood the art of pure worship, a bowing down of the heart.
We started singing the English version,
and collaborated with the Spanish version,
singing are parts together 
at the same time, 
as one.
I have never felt more moved in a song then at that very moment.
An emotion came over me that was uncontrollable.
I could not hold back the tears,
before the song was over 
tears were streaming down my face.
I felt one, with God, and the people around me who love Him.
Connect-reconnect had no better definition for me that day.

If I was not already emotional enough, 
the most precious boy from one of the other churches, 
turns around and hands me the sweetest drawing..

There is no purer heart than that of a child.
They speak the truth..
Jayden did not even know my name but he did know this..
I love the triangle house, it looks like I'm driving a Hummer too, haha.
Is this not precious?
He made me realize why I have always wanted a big family..
I hope to have about ten children just like Jayden one day!

Jayden made a good point,
God and Jesus do love me..
and He loves you too!

Romans 12:5
..So it is with Christ's body. We are many parts of one body, and we all belong to each other.

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