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Thursday, May 16, 2013

Baring It All.

A face,
 baring it all.
No makeup, 
just me..
I like it...
Just wearing the face I have been given.
Because I understand it does not define who I am,
..and definitely not what lies in my heart.
I am not denying that I like to wear makeup, what girl doesn't?
I just don't want it to hide the real me..
Who defines beauty, anyway?
Surely not the media,
and definitely not the magazines?...
No, He defines beauty.
I think if our hearts really did determine our outer appearance, 
how would it change how we lived?
Would we want to love, give and serve beyond all comprehension?
That is how I want to live,
as if my inner being determined what other people see.
Because I believe it can alter appearance.
I do not want to be truly loved or known for looks alone,
for those will surely fade away,
but for who I am,
and the heart that I have.
Because that's what God sees.

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