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Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Rainy Day in Oklahoma.

My heart is so heavy today.
I am thinking of you, Oklahoma.
The rain pours down on my heart.
I cannot comprehend how devastating it is to lose a child, mother, father, brother, sister..

And then I reminded of how blessed I am to still have my family with me.
The moments I never want to lose...

I think of the sweet smile on Aubrey's face that lights up a room, that I could not imagine life without.

Or how I take in the smell of my Emma Grace after a long bubble bath, as I wrap her in a towel and hold her close.

 The view of my two younger cousins as they take off to the lake, and the warm feeling of joy it gives me.

Watching my niece as she dreams..

The giggles laying on the blanket, that sing a melody in my soul.

The power she has to make me melt with her smile.

Seeing her fly across the yard.. as she flies away with my heart.

Never do I want to take any of these precious moments for granted.
Hug your loved ones extra tight today,
as we think of those who cannot.
Cherish each moment.
Soak it in.
Place it in your heart forever.

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