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Wednesday, July 3, 2013

St. Thomas {Part 3} An Ocean Sunrise.

Just about every morning I would wake up and head down to the beach to catch the sunrise before my run.
Before I took off running, I would spend a little quiet time,
just God and me,
by the ocean.

Next to spending time with the kids, watching the sun rise over the ocean was my
favorite moment of each day.
I would sit there, soaking in the beauty that surrounded me.
I could hear nothing but the crashing of the waves,
and the melody filled my soul.

The sunbeams pierced through the clouds as it crept over the ocean.
It was better than any dream.

I don't know if I have ever felt closer to God.

All of creation surrounded me, and I took it in.
I let it consume me.

Then I took off running, letting all my worries pound out through my feet
as they hit the ground.
An enormous amount of joy flowed through me,
and I smiled.

I never want to live one day taking for granted 
the breath God gives me to live,
the eyes to see His beauty,
and the heart to feel how beautiful life is.

I cannot even fathom what Heaven will be,
but to know it is a million times better than an ocean sunrise,
overwhelms me.

Life is beautiful.

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