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Monday, July 29, 2013

Give Me Cherries.

You see the bowl full of beautiful cherries.
Now, see the doughnut.
and the one bite missing..

This morning I strolled intro the kitchen for breakfast.
Open the fridge, cherries,yes!
I turn around and there they lay, the enemy...
a box full of crispy doughnuts.

It can be as easy as telling yourself.
Instead I choose to let my desires take over.
I know the doughnut is bad for me.
The cherries would make a more appetizing breakfast..
They are better for me.
I would feel fuller longer.
So why do I choose the doughnut?
It gives me that instant gratification.
It is short lived of course.
An hour later, well more like 10 minutes later I am looking for something
that can fill my appetite.

I think life is a lot like cherries and doughnuts.
We have a choice.
We can choose what is good for us,
or give in to what seems satisfying.

I am working on not giving in to the doughnuts.
It is about controlling your thoughts and not letting them control your actions.

I want what is best for me, and I know God does.
So I say, give me cherries.

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