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Monday, July 1, 2013

St. Thomas, USVI {Part 1} Going Home.

My mission trip to St. Thomas was amazing!
I promise to post as many pictures of my trip throughout the week.
I just have to share our little adventure leaving the Island.
I am going backwards, by starting my story from the ending..

After a week in St. Thomas, I was NOT ready to leave.
We get to the airport Thursday, only to discover our plane would be delayed.
Unfortunately, that meant we might miss our connecting flight from Florida to Dallas.
Even though I felt as if I was leaving a part of my heart in St. Thomas,
I was ready to share all the wonderful moments of the trip with family and friends back home.

We arrive in Florida, and it had happened. Our plane to Dallas had left.
I was devastated.
If I was not going to be in St. Thomas, I would rather be on Texas soil,
not at the airport playing the waiting game.
But I was not going to let this mishap still my Joy!
I would not allow it to capture my precious memories I had just made
at one of the most beautiful places on earth.
I pulled a smile out from underneath it all.

However, deep down inside, I longed for home.
And the place I felt calling my name.

Sitting at the airport all day Friday, I had time to think.
I knew there was a reason for being there...
It is funny how being stuck in an airport is like being stuck on Earth.
You constantly have this strong inner desire to just be Home.
And you are taken on all sorts of detours before you finally reach your destination.
I felt an emotional attachment to St. Thomas.
 I truly left a piece of my heart there.
At the same time, I knew awaiting me at home was a glorious reunion with my family and friends,
where my heart would be full once again.
I also knew there was a possibility in our next connecting flight in Charlotte, NC there was a chance of delay.
I did not know if I could take it again. I prayed hard.
The journey was rough, but we finally made it late Friday night.
What was so glorious upon arrival?
I appreciated home that much more!
So sometimes the craziness is worth waiting for the incredible ending.

I know where ever God places me, is where I am suppose to be.
I will be content anywhere..
I will make it a beautiful life
while I wait.
I cannot help but long for my home in the sky.

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