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Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Field of Dreams.

In my dreams...
there are fields of grass so tall I float across them.
They go on forever and never seem to end.

I love to dream.
I have always had big, real-life dreams.
I dreamed of serving in the military.
I dreamed of becoming a pilot.
I dreamed of traveling and seeing the world.
But I knew, no matter what that I wanted to be serving God.
Like a wheat field, the dreams never seemed to end.
Then, my when's turned into if's.
My dreams started to die and wither, like the fields in a drought.
I let roadblocks stop me, when I should have seen it just as a detour.

I have started dreaming again...
And I am back in the field of dreams.

In this year alone, God has opened the door for my dreams to take flight.
The mission trip I have been praying for, happened!
And just last week I received another opportunity to serve again in South Dakota.
I realized I had to just trust. Trust God.
I am learning to
Be patient. Be persistent. Be positive.

And so I am doing it.
I am seeing the world...
I am serving..
And it makes me happy..
To see dreams come true.

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