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Monday, March 18, 2013

Tuning Out!

Man oh man, was yesterday in East Texas not just incredible?
It was a remarkably perfect day, as the weather is concerned!
I went for a little run yesterday afternoon, just couldn't help myself!
I had trouble locating my ipod, so decided to go solo!
I'm glad I did!
(Sorry for the extra exclamation marks, but they're necessary.)
I was able to hear the pretty birds chirping, and just nature... sounding like it's good ol' self.
I was strolling along, past a house I always run by. An older gentleman was sitting on the front porch and as I passed by he asked how I was. We had a short 20 second convo as I kept running.
Had I worn my headphones I would have never heard him!
Sometimes I think I am too distracted or just tune the world out, along with God..and we miss out on new relationships, GOD and life perhaps.
Maybe it is time I take those headphones out and tune God in.
John 8:47
"Whoever is of God hears the words of God..."
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