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Tuesday, September 23, 2014


Casting all your anxieties on Him, because He cares for you. 
1 Peter 5:7

We all long to feel wanted. 
A longing
And desire to be needed.
It is engineered into us.
..or at least in me.

Someone came to me today.
.. in desperation they shared deep hurt.
This person is coming from a place of fear
One put there by the only person who
Wants us to be pulled away from God.

I can't share the intimate details.. 
but it was bittersweet....
I should tell you I was shocked this person came to me.

I listened intently, but couldn't help but think,
Who am I?

I never thought God could use me in this way, for this person.

I not only grew today, but learned God uses us when we least expect.
And trust me
this was out of the blue.

But the more important matter is this person. ..
They needed me...
a listening ear,
a prayer,
a hug,
all of it
I gave them.

And what a wonderful fulfillment for me and hopefully them too. I can't speak for them though.
I do know they are coming back tomorrow for more prayer.
I'm elated.

Our relationship has already grown tenfold 
because we shared a spiritual moment with God together. 
We bonded more due to a need being fulfilled in a vulnerable moment..
And it made my mind start curiously wondering...
Is this a tad bit of what our relationship with God feels like?

We are hurt, beaten and alone.. 
and we come to Him in a different way than before.
A desperation of 'we can't do it alone'.

The comfort He gives creates a stronger bond 
and our link with him starts to build... 
And we find ourselves wanting more 
..yearning for a deeper relationship with the one who can share the light!
God wants to feel needed. 
He must be needed.
I know I love to be needed.
It is what fuels me.
I enjoy days like today.

Mother Teresa says to serve to the point of hurting.
And then sometimes honestly my exhaust comes quick.  
I've worked a long day, taught needy kids all day, made dinner, cleaned clothes, a
nd I'm called to do the dishes but I'm just done..
.I wish I could say I do it all, but I'm far from perfect.

God never grows weary of doing it all for us,
To us,
serving us,
giving to our every need and plea.

I strive to be More like Him.
It's a work in progress.
But I'm thankful He is using me in little ways for now.

All I know is I need Him..
More than anyone.
I am crazy about Him.
My life would be full of darkness,
Bumping into all sorts of walls.
Thank you God for being a God
Who longs to be

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