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Monday, December 31, 2012

A Few of My Favorite Things--Reflection on 2012

Here are a few of my favorite things from 2012.
Favorite Day.
 January 10.
The birth of my second niece, Aubrey Bell.

She is an angel on earth.
Look at her, sucking that thumb. Precious.
Favorite Experience.
First flight lesson.

Remarkably blessed to discover this new wonder, flying! 
Favorite Vacation.
Tampa, FL.
Extremely lucky to have made new memories with great friends!
Favorite Movie.
October Baby.
This is my favorite of 2012, but also in my top 3 of all time!
An incredible message of forgiveness. A must see.--From the movie critic.

Favorite Challenge.
Dallas Half Marathon
My 6th Half Marathon.
I seem to forget every year, how hard it was the race before...
But I keep on running!
Favorite Memory.
Women of Faith, with my beautiful grandmother.
Worshiping God and growing closer to him on that glorious weekend in Dallas.
Hearing amazing testimonies from sensational women of faith.
This memory will always be cherished.
It was the inspiration for this very blog!
Never to be forgotten..

A couple of other great moments of 2012....
My baby sister winning Homecoming Queen.
My beautiful cousin and one of the best friends, Meagan's pregnancy announcement.
My niece, Emma, winning her first Tball championship.
The wedding of my sweet cousin, Jeremiah and his beautiful bride.
The college graduation of one of my best friends, Kaci.
Going to my first RUSH concert with my dad.
I am thankful for the challenges, the new friendships, and memories 2012 has brought.
Thank you, 2012.
You have been a year full of wonderous moments and incredible firsts!

More importantly, a thank you to God, for allowing me to experience another beautiful year on Earth.

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