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Thursday, September 27, 2012

Worrying is for the birds!

I have spent too much of my beautifully blessed life worrying..I worried about my grades, my future, security, relationships and just silly day to day things. At 22 I still worry of course. I worry majority of the time about my future plans for myself. I am a planner, not really 'type A', but close. I feel that at my age I should know exactly what I want to do with my life, but I don't..And that should be okay not to know exactly, right?? But I'm a worrier, it is a fault of mine.

I find that worrying only stresses me out even more. Worrying can be so destructive and a mental burden. And the funny thing is... worrying does nothing for us! Worrying does not solve our problems. Worrying does not give us the job we want, the relationship we long for, or the future we might see for ourself.

The best way to get rid of that worry is to give it to God. I'll never forget when I was discussing all my worries a wise woman asked me what I enjoyed doing.

I named off a few things and when I mentioned running she said use that. She told me that when I go for a run imagine all my worries pounding out through my feet as they hit the ground, and everyone wonders why I run so much, haha. But seriously, that turned my world around...

Just this morning I went for a run and I had all this worry on my chest I looked up and saw the birds flying above me. I suddenly remembered why I run and then pictured those worries leaving my feet and just magically floating up to the birds. I have never felt more at peace.

It could be anything not just running, any special time we spend with God where you can release your worries... even if it is jamming out to your favorite song driving down the road and when you are singing that song you imagine those worries carrying out through your voice.

Life is too short, God is too good and worrying is pointless...leave it for the birds.

Matthew 6:34 "Therefore do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about itself. Each day has enough trouble of its own."

Today's song Jesus in Disguise- Brandon Heath Not everything to do with today's post, but it is just a pretty cool song I wanted to share.

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